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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What do I do if I have an accident?
Immediately after having an accident, it is useful to follow the advice of the local Police Station. You may also wish to gather as much information as possible, carry a pen, paper and ideally a disposable camera in your car.

2.How many estimates do I need?
One estimate is usually sufficient, we can speak with your insurer on your behalf to confirm this if required.

3.Can I get an estimate while I wait?
Yes, estimates are carried out on a pre-bookable basis, this usually takes about 15 minutes. We have a waiting area in our reception.

4.Can I choose my repairer?
You are the customer and insurance companies like to retain your business. They may wish for you to use their approved repairer but you are allowed to exercise your choice. Not many customers like to be ordered about, if you are unsure we will contact your insurer and discuss this once we have completed the estimate.

5.Do I have to use the approved repairer my insurance company is recommending?
You are not necessarily required to use the car repairer that your insurance company recommends. It is worth phoning them to find out, but it should be your choice.

6.Will I get a courtesy car?
Courtesy cars are available.

7.Do you repair commercial vehicles?
Yes, up to and including Ford Transit size.

8.Will you collect my car?
Collection and re-delivery is available on request.

9.Do you guarantee the work you do to my car?
Yes we provide a written anti corrosion warranty for each vehicle repaired

10.What payments will I be required to pay before my vehicle will be returned?
Excess – this is the amount that you have agreed to contribute to the cost of the repair with your insurance company. However, you may not be required to pay this amount if the accident was not your fault.

Betterment – You may be required to contribute to the cost of the repair if your vehicle will be returned in a better condition. For example if your vehicle needs a new tyre as a result of the accident your insurance company will measure the depth of tread on your old tyre and if it is well worn they may ask you to contribute to the cost of the new tyre because the vehicle will be returned with a better condition. The area of betterment is decided by your insurer.

VAT if you are VAT registered

Additional Work – it is always a good idea to consider having existing scratches and dents repaired whilst your vehicle is in our workshop, ask for an estimate for rectifying additional work. If additional work is undertaken payment will be required when your vehicle is collected.